univers ecosystem

univers is an ecosystem of apps enabling a process of reproducible decision-making and acting.

Further description

An instance of univers can be configured with any app, so long as the app has external APIs.


Releasing a dataset under an open license might be intimidating when one is not aware of the standards of quality for data repositories. The Sabre app scans data repositories and provides suggestions of steps to achieve to reach the standarts.


HACKccessibility bot

Documentation is often several steps behind the current state of the code. The HACKccessibility bot scans code and documentation repositories and provides suggestions of steps to achieve to reach a good quality of documentation.

Code might be written in such away that only the original commiter might succeed in improving it. The HACKccessibility bot provides advice on ways to make a piece of code easier to understand and maintain, even by a newcoming commiter.

HACKccessibility bot


Experiments and data collection are carried by agricultors. Logthefield is an app enabling to record data in an easy way.


Contribution Assistant

In order to make contribution available one click away from the webpage you browse, the contribution assistant displays suggestions on how to contribute to a project, as well as how to learn to contribute successfully.

Contribution Assistant

Experimental farm

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