A research project


A PhD project

Doctoral school


Embedded in an academic/profesional environment

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Direction de thèse Conseil scientifique, conseil technique

Vote to have one team as direction de thèse to fit in the doctoral process.

Matrix of needed skills/experience & mentor on this skill.

Embedded in the society (century of communication)

Every bit of the project is open and contributive (just fork it!)

I will come to develop a bit of my project where you work, and a give you a little presentation of my project, and we will exchange starting from there.

Finally a media in itself (pure player!): subscribe to the #ResearchNotifications I will make, they are here as a goodies.


regular hacked
One/two sources of funding sponsoring through proxy

Clauses such as “give a seminar to the team of the gold sponsor compagnies”.

Independency in terms of strategy.


Employed by a compagny & a lab, which act as proxy for the sponsors and scientific counsel.

Coopaname as a proxy.


  • open lab notebook and communication with the actors of the society
  • open source code, data, documentation
  • iterative review of thesis while writing by a group of reviewers

How to hack one’s PhD, a continuing process

HackYourPhD, Célya

Embedded in the upcoming environment

LaPaillasse, JusOneGiantLab