Doing research freed from unnecessary constraints

Hack my PhD

Test-driven development

Writting tests and even better, writting tests before writting code leads to a red notification when you break something you coded before (and it’s like you from the past telling the current you exactly where it broke, nice, isnt’t it?).

Ethics & data ownership

Whatever you code, the actual flow of data will impact the life of the users, whether they know it or not. Usually a new tool is similar to a new leak of data and an increase in the surface attack for potential privacy abusers. Let’s code apps that do not increase this surface attack, and possibly increase the economic potential of the users.

This may be achieved by coding peer-to-peer apps, with as much as possible happening on a machine that only the user can access.

Autonomous work

What I produce must be of the best quality, and how I work must also be in the best conditions. In order to consent fully to the orders one might give me, I work as an autonomous worker (I am my own boss!) and sign contracts about a concrete production. Hire me as a freelancer!